HL90 EY: Human Rights and Humanitarianism

Now that registration period is open, do you know what courses you’ll be taking this fall? We’ve got lots of great HL90 seminars this year, including Yan Slobodkin’s Human Rights and Humanitarianism, which meets Wednesdays, 12:45-2:45. What inspired you to teach this class? The past few years have given us plenty of opportunity to ponderContinue reading “HL90 EY: Human Rights and Humanitarianism”

HL90 FB: Asian America in Popular Culture

We’re so excited about all of our new HL90 seminars! Karen Huang told us more about her new course, Asian America in Popular Culture, which meets Wednesdays, 3-5. What inspired you to teach this class?  I’ve been really excited by the influx of Asian American mainstream media in recent years, and how it’s helped AsianContinue reading “HL90 FB: Asian America in Popular Culture”

HL90 AT: The Postwar American Road Narrative

Buckle up–one of our popular HL90s is back this semester! Patrick Whitmarsh teaches The Postwar American Road Narrative, Thursdays, 3-5. Tell us about your class! This course examines the road narrative as it has been taken up by writers of color. Together, we will study the ways that writers (as well as filmmakers and musicians)Continue reading “HL90 AT: The Postwar American Road Narrative”

HL90 FG: Dictatorship and Resistance in Latin America

We’ve got lots of exciting HL90s coming this fall! Jennifer Alpert told us all about her new course, Dictatorship and Resistance in Latin America, which meets Mondays, 12:45-2:45. What inspired you to teach this class? I have dreamt about teaching a class like this for years because there were very few courses on Latin AmericaContinue reading “HL90 FG: Dictatorship and Resistance in Latin America”

HL90 EZ: The Global South Asian Diaspora

Classes start in just a few weeks! We’re ready with lots of new HL90s we’re excited to share! Up first, read more about Vikrant Dadawala’s class, The Global South Asian Diaspora: Tell us about your class! This class offers students a chance to think about migration, labor, and literature in a global and comparative spirit.Continue reading “HL90 EZ: The Global South Asian Diaspora”