HL90 ER: Industrialization and Inequality

We’ve got more new HL90s to shop! Morgan Day Frank talks with us about “Industrialization and Inequality: From the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era,” some very weird delicacies from the Gilded Age, and a dentist we wouldn’t want to visit! What inspired you to teach this class? I love turn-of-the-twentieth-century American literature, that’s basicallyContinue reading “HL90 ER: Industrialization and Inequality”

HL99 EE: Fighting the Climate Crisis

Get your shopping lists ready! We asked our lecturers about their fall HL90s. Patrick Whitmarsh is ready to take on the climate crisis with students this fall! Tell us about your class! I was inspired to teach this course after participating in a team-taught seminar at Boston University called Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global Challenges: ClimateContinue reading “HL99 EE: Fighting the Climate Crisis”